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Substance abuse is one of the biggest societal problems, with major consequences for individuals, families and society. Few youngsters who have an incipient or established substance abuse seek help in traditional counseling. is therefore playing a major role in preventing substance abuse problems, such as crime, among youngsters. is a digital counseling site where youngsters can remain anonymous. As a result, they dare to address their concerns about drugs, which is a highly tabooed topic, both in close relationships and at community level.

On they find knowledge about the effects and side effects of various substances, and write anonymously to professionals, in different letterboxes. They also write with peers who are giving them both negative and positive perspectives on different drugs, their effects and consequences.

The digital-pedagogical methods of means early and competent help, and then fewer young people are ending up in a substance abuse, that is expensive for individuals, families and the society.


The project started on 01October 2012 and is still running.

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