Not a private matter!

Not a private matter!

The core of the project contains the proper provision of information towards different groups of citizens (potential victims, professionals and general public), which can be done by means of personal contact (patrolling, visiting network and education programmes) as well as by electronic and mass-media communication.

The project reacts on the needs of intervention stemming from the national approach to the prevention and reduction of domestic violence, on the one hand, and from the specific, locally emerged particular demands of citizens put at risk of this kind of crime, on the other hand. These conditions have determined the means and modules used and implemented by the project.

The project is based on four modules:

  1. Police-led services targeted to potential victims via patrolling among inhabitants living separately in low density areas
  2. A ‘visiting network’ for those inhabitants living in block house area
  3. Information on the phenomenon of domestic violence and victim support possibilities provided via age-specific programmes within the education system among children, and university training programmes among future professionals
  4. Modern tools to provide the proper flow of information via websites, an electronic newsletter and the press to inform the general public on the issue


Csongrád County Police Headquarters (Crime Prevention Department)
pol. Lieut.-Col. Márta M. Toronykőy, head of the Crime Prevention Department


The project started in 1997 and is still running.
Last review: September 2017.


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