Organised Crime Call


Internal Security Fund


12 March 2024


€ 20 million

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Themes and priorities

The general objective of the call for proposals is combating organised crime by dismantling criminal networks and their business models. In line with the Roadmap on the fight against drug trafficking and organised crime, the call represents a paradigm shift, from focusing on specific crimes and commodities, to dismantling  criminal networks as such, regardless of the specific crimes they are involved in.

Therefore, within the horizontal priorities listed below, all organised crime areas are  concerned by this call. Applications should focus on tackling the activities of  organised criminal groups, especially those that are poly-criminal in nature and  represent a greater threat to society and should not be aimed at tackling one single  specific criminal market or crime area. At the same time, in order to deliver on the  Roadmap on the fight against drug trafficking and organised crime and on the EU  Strategy on Combatting Trafficking in Human Beings 2021- 2025, the call sets out specific objectives in relation to two specific crime areas: drug trafficking and trafficking  in human beings.

The call contains 4 horizontal priority areas (for all organised crimes):

  • improving the intelligence picture on criminal networks
  • facilitating cross border investigations
  • facilitating financial investigations
  • supporting crime prevention measures


There are also 2 crime-specific priority areas:

  • strengthening capabilities to fight drug trafficking
  • strengthening the fight against trafficking in human beings


The project must address at least one of these priorities, preferably more.


Expected impact

Projects should aim to achieve one or more of the following outcomes:

In the short-term, the funding is expected to:

  • increase understanding of the nature and modus operandi of criminal networks and key actors and enablers.
  • enhance coordination of law enforcement authorities in cross-border operations and support multi-stakeholders coordinated responses.
  • increase involvement of civil society and other relevant (non-law enforcement) stakeholders in preventing and combating organised crime.
  • increase the availability and use of technical tools for law enforcement.

In the long-term, the funding is expected to:

  • have increased operational capacity of capability to trace and untangle complex money laundering schemes.
  • have improved cross-border cooperation and sharing of challenges and best practices in fighting against organised crime.
  • have improved detection, identification and referral of victims of crime in the context of cross-border operational actions, as well as improved protection of victims in criminal proceedings, in cooperation with