P2P Peer to Peer: how to prevent the Cyberbullying

The Pilot Project "Peer to Peer" is promoted and wanted by the city of Cagliari - Department of School Policies, in cooperation with IFOS Sardinia for the prevention of real and digital bullying. This project is addressed to Cagliari state schools referring to comprehensive and high schools during the years 2008-2009 and 2009-2010. The project is one of the priority actions carried out by the City Hall for legal behaviour education and responsibility, in order to prevent risky behaviour.

The intervention is structured through a consultancy service online and off line, operated by 14 Peer Educators, 4 teachers, 4 parents, and 6 students, who have followed an intensive training course on the topic with the support and supervision of IFOS and the Department of School Policies. The Peer educators have to give information off-line during meeting-awareness campaign held in city schools, and on line through an e-mail address services or a participation in an interactive forum.

The project is being carried out in partnership with the Regional School Office of Sardinia and the Provincial Observatory for Bullying and it has led to the publication of a national guideline, first example in Italy. They have been provided by Prof. P.K. Smith and supported by the Ministries of Education, Domestic Affairs and Department of Juvenile Justice.


The project started in 2009 and is now finished.
Last review: December 2009.


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