Pandora’s box

Pandora’s box


Pandora’s box, which is financed by the School fund of European Social fund, aims to improve the availability and quality of care services of UsMothers and, hence, creates the predisposition for a safe home for every member of the family.

The main goals of the project were

  1. To create new services for the target group by establishing the Women’s Club, launching e-counselling and an internet discussion forum
  2. To realise FEMFEST, an event aimed at the wider public and high-schools, promoting gender equality and equal opportunities
  3. To realise educational courses on methods for helping the target group, with the aim of networking the helping professionals
  4. To create a structure and to develop a database with information about gender equality, domestic violence and services offered for the target group in rural areas in the Presov district.

It wants to reach employees implementing social inclusion politics in the public and NGO sphere, women from socially disadvantaged populations after their maternity leave, citizens in unfavourable social situations, citizens with a low-income and other groups which are in danger of social exclusion of which are already socially excluded.


Záujmové združenie žien MYMAMY (UsMothers) 


The project started in 2010 and is now finished.
Last review: September 2015.


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