PC Game GhettOut - Simulator of Living Strategies

The main pillar of the project Simulator of Living Strategies is the PC game GhettOut, which was developed in 2008. The game was first meant for the majority population as the simulation of social reality – in our case as the simulation of life in social exclusion at the edge of society. Since 2008 we have started to use the game as the simulator of living strategies for the risk youth. The game contains elements from the area of using addictive drugs, gambling, indebtedness, housing, etc. The pivotal moment is deciding between legal or illegal activities, which are though convenient on a short-term basis. Players have to choose a living strategy that would lead them to a successful goal – obtaining new accommodation within the determined time of one year (in the game).

The players can try out various living strategies, as in the real life. An important aspect of the simulator is that the players can immediately feel the consequences of their own decisions - e.g. after not paying the rent, the exclusion follows. If not regularly going to work, they get fired. In case of depending on addictive drugs, difficulties to find a new job. Another important constituent is the prevention against indebtedness, a common trap for people living in social exclusion.

We are starting from the conviction that the PC game GhettOut enables effectively to increase awareness of the risks of criminal behaviour. Another aim of the project was to create an easily accessible and redistributable educative tool, which is easy to use in schools or other educational institutions working with risk youth.

The project has been realized in the form of interactive workshops in schools, special schools, children’s homes and low-threshold centers for children. The target groups are children and youth who grow up in a risky environment (e.g. socially excluded localities), and which could tend to criminal behaviour in the future. Workshops are absolutely free of charge.




The project started in 2007 and is now finished.
Last review: January 2020


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