Poland: ZEW reads to children, or a few words about safety and prevention

The youth from the Supporting Education Team in Świętochłowice are preparing the ZEW mascot, a recording of a safety or prevention fairy tale created by them, and commemorative pendants with a fairy tale motto. ZEWek goes to preschoolers or younger primary school students, where he tells a story through a recording and asks them to do a work that will illustrate it. Children's works are on display in the building of the Supporting Education Team. After the end of the project, the Supportive Education Team will publish a commemorative book containing preventive fairy tales created by the students of the Supportive Education Team, illustrated by the works of their younger colleagues.

The goals of the project are: changing the behavior of pupils causing educational problems, implementing the school's preventive program, promoting positive behaviors, preventing addictions, increasing the safety of children and young people, and protecting particularly vulnerable people (the youngest children) from possible dangers.

The result of the project is i.a. increasing the awareness of younger children about potential dangers and behavior in difficult situations.

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