Polish Policy on Prostitution and Trafficking for sexual exploitation

At the beginning of the 1990s there was a growth trafficking in human beings observed in Poland. At present, Poland is not only a country of origin of victims but also a transit country, a region through which victims are transferred from Eastern to Western Europe and a destination country for victims of trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation and forced labour.

In cooperation with the “Global Programme Against Trafficking in Human Beings of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime”, the Government has started a project against trafficking in persons. The projects aim is to strengthen criminal justice in response to trafficking and to enhance the coordination amongst the criminal justice system, civil society, and other organizations, to prevent trafficking and control the involvement of organized crime.

In September 2003, the Government of Poland approved the “National Programme for Combating and Preventing Trafficking in Human Beings”, which was set to combat trafficking and coordinate such efforts of the Government, private sector, and NGOs. On 5th March 2004 the inter-ministerial Committee was established to evaluate of implementation of the National Programme.

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