Polish policy on trafficking in human beings

Art. 115 § 22. Trafficking in people is recruiting, transporting, delivering, transferring, storing or accepting people by using: 1) violence or the unlawful threat of violence, 2) kidnap, 3) deceit, 4) misrepresentation or exploiting an error or inability to properly comprehend a decision, 5) an abuse of a dependence, exploiting a critical position or a state of helplessness, 6) the grant or acceptance of material or personal incentives, or the promise of such to a person with supervision or custody over another person - in order to use them, even with their consent, in particular in prostitution, pornography or other forms of sexual exploitation, for forced work or services, for begging, for slavery or other forms of degrading human dignity, or for obtaining cells, tissues or organs contrary to the provisions of law. If the actions of the offender involves a minor, it constitutes trafficking even when not using the methods or measures referred to in sections 1-6.

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