Polish project "Let's talk about health and new threats"

Let's talk about health and new threats

The program is mainly focused on social education in the area of security. The program is not a program about psychoactive substances but a program to prevent their use. The program is implemented by policemen, representatives of poviat sanitary and epidemiological stations, teachers - educators. Students registered for the project participate in a series of 6 thematic meetings. The education concern of knowledge about the effects of using new drugs. Students learn how to be assertive and defend themselves against the pressure of teenagers. The project teaches current legal liability and how to provide first aid to a person who is poisoned by a drug. Each school can take part in the next part of the project. The theater review has been part of the project for 5 years. Each school can present a performance during which it talks about the problems of youth with addiction. The best performance in the region is awarded.

The project is still running, and starts in September and ends in June each year.