Polish project: Preventive Internet meme competition on counteracting cybercrime

The Prevention Department of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Gorzów Wielkopolski  announced contest, for the 6-8 grade students of primary schools of the Lubuskie province, on Preventative meme concerning counteracting cyberviolence. The subject of the competition was creation of "meme", known to Internet users as a humorous pictorial message, which would draw children's and youth's attention to threats related to cybercrime and the possibilities of its counteracting. The competition committee assessed the works taking into account the compliance of the meme content with the competition's assumptions, the artistic value of work, the originality of the approach to the subject and the meme idea as well as its substantive and educational values. The winners of the competition received diplomas and prizes. The best memes will be used in informational and educational campaigns of the Lubusz Police.