Polish project: Program aimed at overcoming the stress of minors affected by domestic violence and breaking down barriers in the environment associated with the phenomenon, it aims to extend and broaden the desire to talk about violence

The agreement between three parties is to: promote the behaviors and actions that impact on alleviating the stress to a minor during an intervention concerning domestic violence in the family/interventions and activities in a family in which the perpetrator of violence, abuse alcohol and to restore his sense of security and overcoming barriers in environments associated with the phenomenon of domestic violence, in order to extend and broaden the desire to talk about violence because of common interest of Mazovian Center of Social Policy, Empowering Children Foundation and Regional Police Headquarters in Radom.

This agreement concerns the preparation and production of mascots (BEARS), which will be posted logo with the number of free Helpline for Children and Youth 116 111 and website address and inform children affected by domestic violence issues.


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