Polish project: to sources of safety knowledge - open entities of police

The suggestions that policemen send to schools and kindergartens are education representatives. Meetings that take place in the officers' work places give children and youth the opportunity to see the formula of the service directly, practically "live". This, in turn, contributes to moving away from the belief that police work is far from being a society. On the contrary, in young people an opinion is being built about officers whose aim is to take care of and security for the well-being of citizens.
In addition, in the message that is directed to children and adolescents, the statement that they themselves have a huge impact on their own and other people's security prevails. Police officers remind that the individual decision of young people greatly determines their future.
The project has been implemented since September 1, 2010.
During this period, by the end of 2018, the police officers carried out 2 628 meetings, in which 58 762 persons participated.


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