Preventing Bullying And Reducing Violence Among Minors In Slovenia – Skupaj+

The rise of physical and psychological violence among minors (in real or virtual sphere), especially within the school environment, has become a cause of social concern over the last years. Scientific research has shown evidence of its negative impact on individuals' health, on the psychological adjustment of minors and on teachers' welfare, for they are also often victims of this violence. It has also proven its interference on the teaching-learning process and on the school climate. Violence among minor peers has therefore been widely recognized as a problem of public health. It is of utmost importance therefore, to address the issue of bullying among minors in early phases and to empower first-line practicioners with effective tools to combat and prevent bullying in any form in order to protect the victims of bullying in first place and to deter the perpetrators from use of physical or psychological violence.


The project started in October 2018 and concluded on 20 July 2020, when platform SKUPAJ+ has been enabled for wide prac ticioners’ use.

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