Prevention of economic exploitation and trafficking of Brazilians in Belgium

Prevention of economic exploitation and trafficking of Brazilians in Belgium


The aim of the campaign for Brazilians residing in Belgium was to inform them about their rights, obligations and protection possibilities in case they are in an irregular situation and/or are victims of trafficking in human beings, labour exploitation, violence and abuse.

The project compiled information on existing protection mechanisms and legal recources in Belgium for victims of trafficking and labour exploitation. This compilation served as a basis for the development and dissemination of an information campaign targeting this specific community.

The overall objective of the project was to reduce the number of Brazilian migrants exploited economically and/or victims of trafficking.

The project “Awareness Raising for Brazilian and Belgian authorities on managing migration from Brazil to Belgium” was implemented with the financial and operational support of the Immigration Office.

Through this project, authorities and migration specialists from Brazil and Belgium had the opportunity to meet and discuss issues linked to migration from Brazil to Belgium. Specifically, regular migration channels, irregular migration, trafficking in human beings and money laundering were discussed.

As a result of the two workshops organized in the framework of this project, the participants had a better understanding of the situation of potential migrants in Brazil and actual migrants in Belgium. The workshops especially allowed preparing an information campaign on irregular migration to Belgium, to be implemented in Brazil.


The project started In 2013 and is now finished.
Last review: October 2015.