“Prison – waste of time” Project

The project is the result of the cooperation between the Mazovian Regional Police Commander and the Director of the District Prison Service in Warsaw. The intention letter was signed on 28 October 2011. Both the Police Service and the Prison Service wish to promote and encourage the right behaviour among young people. It’s believed this kind of projects help to reduce the threat of social exclusion, commit a crime, bounding, demoralization, and social pathology including drug and alcohol addiction. This film project is addressed to young people - students of high schools. The film presents consequences of some life choices made by young people, which end up with breaking of the law, being addicted and may be punished by long-term stay in prison. The film material is used as a tool to work with youth. It perfectly fits in the foundation of modern prevention and may have huge impact on reducing the scale of juvenile crime.

The main objectives of the project:

  • an indication of the consequences of life choices
  • prevention of victimology, an indication of the circumstances leading to the offence, gaining skills to foresee and avoid the risk
  • to reduce the threat of social exclusion, crime, demoralizing behaviours
  • to reduce the phenomena of social pathology, including drug addiction and alcoholism.

The project was made in several stages:

  • writing the screenplay for several short films containing inappropriate behaviours and their consequences
  • recording the preventive film
  • writing work sheets for youth
  • developing the information material concerning the liability of juveniles and life in prison.

These materials are currently used to carry out activities with young people (by officers of the Police and the Prison Service, as well as educators and teachers). There are also carried out preventive activities for young people, who are held in prisons and police units.