Project “Do not open and do not go!”

The Police as well as other institutions in the Czech Republic work on preventing elders from being phone scammed as they are especially vulnerable to becoming victims of fraud. Perpetrators often use the so called “grandchild legend“ tactics when they contacts a victim by phone introducing themselves as a relative in financial problems, asking for help. Another problem is the so called telemarketing, when a contract is concluded on phone, in the belief that a contract cannot be concluded orally. The Consumers Defense Association of Moravia and Silesia warns of frauds as part of the project “Do not open and do not go!”. It distributes pamphlets titled “Be careful who is calling you!”. Another initiative dealing with phone threats to the elderly is Senior Academy, the winner of the ECPA 2016. One of the topics of its 13th academy year is the Civil Code and terms and conditions of contracts concluded on phone. Also, in its Absolvent’s Lists, it published a phone number structure guide to help seniors avoid making expensive calls.