Project Odyssey – the analysis of crime and ballistics data from across Europe

Odyssey is a European funded research project that tackles the problem of analysing crime and ballistics data, taken from disparate heterogeneous ballistic systems, across Europe.

Project Odyssey is concerned with the integration of data extracted from disparate heterogeneous ballistic systems across Europe.When operational the Odyssey platform will allow police organisations to link gun crimes committed not only locally but also in different European Countries. This is important given the reduction in boarder controls that have allowed criminals to travel across Europe to commit gun crimes. This paper provides a brief introduction to project Odyssey. It provides a brief description of the Odyssey platform and outlines the reasons why Europe needs such technology. The paper concludes with the introduction of a use case scenario, which illustrates the potential use of the Odyssey platform.The Odyssey platform is a structured framework that can be applied to other domains and data sets. Odyssey has the potential to re-define the standards of data exploitation from large disparate heterogeneous database systems.


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