Promote equality and to fight against racism, xenophobia and discrimination


Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV)


20 June 2023


€ 20 million

Indicative division funds

  • Objective one: € 11,5 million
  • Objective two: € 1,5 million
  • Objective three: € 3 million
  • Objective four: € 4 million

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The objective is to support a comprehensive and intersectional approach, funding specific actions to prevent and fight against discrimination and combat intolerance, racism and xenophobia, in particular on grounds of racial or ethnic origin, colour, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, including when this manifests itself in the form of antigypsyism, anti-Black racism, antisemitism, anti-Muslim hatred and LGBTIQ phobia.

Projects can be national or transnational. Transnational projects are particularly encouraged.

  1. Fighting against discrimination and combating racism, xenophobia and other forms of intolerance, including antigypsyism, anti-Black racism, antisemitism and anti-Muslim hatred;
  2. Promoting diversity management and inclusion at the workplace, both in the public and private sector;
  3. Fighting discrimination against LGBTIQ people and promoting LGBTIQ equality through the implementation of the LGBTIQ Equality Strategy;
  4. Call for public authorities to improve their responses to (intersectional) discrimination, racism, antisemitism, anti-Muslim hatred and xenophobia, LGBTIQ-phobia and all other forms of intolerance.

Expected impacts

  • Coalition building, capacity building and training for professionals and victims of (intersectional) discrimination;
  • Mutual learning, exchange of good practices, cooperation, including identifying best practices which may be transferable to other participating countries;
  • Dissemination and awareness-raising, including social media or press campaigns;
  • Promotion of digital skills and critical thinking;
  • Data recording, data collection, surveys, monitoring and reporting of incidents of discrimination;
  • Gender and age sensitive victim empowerment and support;
  • Designing and implementing strategies or plans of action;
  • Capacity building and training activities for national, regional and local authorities.