proNACHBAR was founded by Karl Brunnbauer, a concerned citizen in cooperation with the Vienna Police. The idea was to provide real-time information about criminal activities in the neighbourhood via e-mail and the internet. An online-platform was hence created and citizens could register to receive the notifications. The service is free of charge. The project is driven by volunteers who dedicate a good part of their spare time into making their neighbourhoods a safer place. The aim is to develop an organization of citizens, which - supported by politics and in close collaboration with the police - effectively interferes with and prevents burglary and is capable of protecting your property effectively and long term.The goal is to reduce criminal activities and to increase the feeling of security within the population.

This resulted in:

  • awareness for personal security measures has been raised considerably in the Austrian population → 500+ media clippings mentioning proNACHBAR
  • long-term cooperation with home-owners community
  • international success → information provided by proNACHBAR community led to arrest of con man in Germany
  • prevention of further victims of “drain” trickery through real-time warning
  • ... 


The Project started in 2007 and is still running.
Last review: October 2017.

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