Protect the Child

Educational project "Protect the Child" is an interactive puppet theatre show organized by the Metropolitan Puppet Theatre in cooperation with National Police Chief Directorate. The project is a travelling educational show with a preventive nature, which through dialogue and trainings covers issues of children's daily activities like "Aggression and violence at school", "Road Safety", "Blind Dates".

The main goal is to develop in children from age 4 to 7 preventive behavioural skills on how to act in society, how to react in certain situations and how to resolve problems on the street.

The travelling educational performance will be performed in kindergartens on the territory of Sofia Municipality. The stage has a light decor and mobile scenography, predisposing children's senses. The puppets are simplified and light and the children will participate in the show together with the actors.
As a partner, the Ministry of Interior assist with participation of a uniformed officer, information about how the police can prevent violence and accidents. In addition, the police representative also gives consultations and advice on the topics that are recreated during the show.


- National Police Chief Directorate


The project started in May 2015 and is still running.
Last review: January 2020


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