Protect yourself against thieves

The project of the South-East Jutland Police aimed at reducing senior citizens’ risk of becoming victims of offences, like distraction theft, pickpocketing and unjustified charges to payment cards. Project activities were run by private organisations and public authorities together.

The project had an analytical component (gathering documentation on the scope and nature of the problem) and its target group was vulnerable citizens.

The project aimed at increasing the ability of target group members to avoid becoming victims of this type of crime. This was achieved through information sharing and campaign activities, the distribution of flyers, meetings for citizens and local media coverage. The campaign lasted for two intensive weeks with various concurrent activities.

The project was funded from the general budget of the police and based on the use of police resources for planning, analysing and carrying out activities and on close collaboration with external partners like the DanAge Association NGO.


The Project started in April 2015 and ran till June 2016.
The project is intended as a multi-year campaign, but adapted to the current crime situation.
Last review: September 2017.


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