Protection of the euro against counterfeiting




Two stage

  • 18 April 2024
  • 19 September 2024


€ 0,6 million

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This call aims to implement the priorities of the Pericles IV programme for 2023.

  • Supporting activities aimed at improving cooperation among Member States which are particularly affected by the production and distribution of counterfeits.
  • Fostering cooperation with authorities of third countries where there is suspicion of, or evidence for, counterfeit euro production.
  • Maintaining an efficient framework for the protection of the euro in South Eastern Europe.
  • Topical developments
    • Distribution of counterfeits and high quality components on the darknet, and ‘movie money’ and ‘prop copy’ products online (including altered design notes)
    • Support for the establishment / reinforcement of national central offices (NCOs).
    • Euro coins: Fight against high quality classes of counterfeits, implementation of Regulation (EU) No 1210/2010 and handling of euro coins unfit for circulation

Activities to be funded

  1. Exchange and dissemination of information, in particular through organising workshops, meetings and seminars, including training, targeted placements and exchanges of staff of competent national authorities and other similar actions. The exchange of information should, among others, be targeted at:
    1. Best practices in preventing counterfeiting and fraud relating to the euro
    2. Methodologies for monitoring and analysing the economic and financial impact of counterfeiting
    3. Operation of databases and early warning systems
    4. Use of detection tools, including with computer back-up
    5. Enquiry and investigation methods
    6. Scientific assistance, including monitoring of new developments
    7. Protection of the euro outside the Union
    8. Research actions
    9. Provision of specific operational expertise
  2. Technical, scientific and operational assistance, as appears necessary as part of the Programme including in particular:
    1. Any appropriate measure which establish teaching resources at Union level, such as a handbook of legislation, information bulletins, practical manuals, glossaries and lexicons, databases, especially in the area of scientific assistance or technology watch or computer support applications, such as software
    2. Relevant studies with a multidisciplinary and transnational dimension, including research on innovative security features
    3. Development of technical support instruments and methods to facilitate detection actions at Union level
    4. Support for cooperation in operations involving at least two States when such support cannot be made available from other Programmes of European institutions and bodies
  3. Purchase of equipment to be used by specialised anti-counterfeiting authorities of third countries for protecting the euro against counterfeiting (— always together with other activities mentioned in this list).