Relation Violence Center (RVC)

Relation Violence Center (RVC)


A large proportion of those who report domestic violence to the police either do not want to, they are afraid or they do not have the strength to participate in the police investigation. This makes the work of the police and the prosecutor more difficult. It leads to a large proportion of such police investigations being discontinued without prosecutions due to a lack of evidence.

The Relationship Violence Centre (RVC) was initiated in order to 1) provide support to the victims of domestic violence at the critical time subsequent to the registering of the police report, so that they have the will and the strength required to participate in the police investigation; 2) to facilitate the collaboration between the police, prosecutors and the social services in cases of domestic violence; and 3) to ensure that more reported cases of domestic violence also result in prosecutions.

The RVC is comprised of two trained social workers who, within 48 hours of a police report on domestic violence, contact the victim and provide support in the form of five counselling sessions. The RVC shares the premises of the police and works in close collaboration with the police, prosecutors and the social services. In the critical phase following the incident being reported, the RVC serves as a link between the agencies involved and provides contacts to protective accommodation, the subsequent police investigation, possible healthcare needs etc. The support provided by the RVC is intended to motivate the victim to participate in the police investigation and ensure that the victim receives the information she/he needs about the legal process.


Social Services Administration, Stockholm City
Christina Edlund Ahrnholm


The project started in 2007 and is now part of a permanent activity.
Last review: October 2017.


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