REVOLUTION TRAIN Anti -Drug - Prevention Train & follow up Program “THAT’S THE LAW, MATE!

The project is a unique primary drug prevention program presented in an actual working train with 6 wagons. There are multimedia cinemas in which visitors watch a film based on a true story about young people who start taking legal drugs and then experimenting with the illegal ones. The program shows the causes, developments and consequences of addictions. 5D technology (we strive to evoke all senses) and interactive rooms that involve the visitors and creates interaction. Visitors can feel and touch the environment of drug addicted people, a true-life lesson that will aid them in the future to make the correct decision. INNOVATIVE, INTENSE, EFFECTIVE BUT SAFE!

Project aims to form a healthy attitude - freedom - legal awareness - responsibility - safety – and a healthy lifestyle.


The Revolution Train Project was launched on 16/03/2015.
The RT Project follow-up Program “THAT’S THE LAW, MATE! was introduced on 01/09/2017.
Due to its aim for sustainability, the whole scheme is fully active and operational.

Last review: January 2020.


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