Safe and secure events

Safe and secure events


Sexual harassment and other crimes on public events are a problem throughout Europe. No one is serving these crimes.

During New Year's Eve 2015-2016, young women were exposed to sexual harassment in several parts of Europe. In Sweden, the then National Chief of Swedish Police Authority decided that the vulnerability of sexual abuse among young people should be investigated. A report was presented and then laid the foundation for the work that now concerns crime at public events.

The Swedish Police, Swedish Live, RFSU and County Administrative Board Stockholm have worked together on several educational materials as well as a profile material where collaboration and the "Collaboration Model" are highlighted.

The materials produced were / are an effect of an identified need among the organizers of festivals and their staff.

The evaluation shows that the measures have given effect. The number of reported sexual offenses decreased about 90% from 2016 to 2017!

This project shows that collaboration based on local context, with the right actors, when everyone takes their responsibility gives results.


The police started work nationally and presented a report on "Sexual abuse and Proposed Measures" report early in 2016.



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