Safe Living RYS - Drugsout

The project is based on the public-private partnership between the private trading company RYS and the Municipality Bratislava, with main focus on fighting the urban crime in large housing estate and prefab apartment buildings (burglaries, drug related crimes, vandalism, physical attacks, rent dodging, etc.)

The fear of crimes, property vandalism and life threatening situations appearing inside the apartment building was the first impulse for initial project activities in the city district Bratislava-Petrzalka. The project is based on the three main pillars – preventive technical solutions (the technical factor); the management support, co-operation with police and local institutions and governments (the organisation factor); involvement of residents into project activities and general public understanding (the human factor).

The co-operation of police and citizens is considered to be very successful activity and it includes: free access of the police officers into the secured buildings; signposting of these buildings with a special registered sticker; regular meetings for building managements and local police force; the presence of the police officers at the tenants meetings in order to discuss the security situation; creating a web site Lost and Founds of Identifiers, which is used as an assistance service to residents and to criminal investigation. Another important part of the scheme is the co-operation with Fire department and Slovak Post.

The biggest test for our project structure, solutions, methods and co-operation of involved partners was the implementation of the scheme DrugsOut in apartment building in Bratislava. The DrugsOut scheme was the most extensive and unique preventive work within one apartment building. Concerned apartment building with critical social and security conditions and a long crime history (drug related crimes, prostitution, physical attacks and property crimes) has gone through massive changes in technical security of the property, restoration of the common shared areas and building management. A big step forward has been done in increasing residents’ awareness about their rights and responsibilities and their willingness to actively participate on revitalization of the apartment building.

The main objectives of the project are:

  • Increase the sense of security and safety among the residents;
  • Suppress the anonymity of apartment buildings;
  • Eliminate unauthorised entries;
  • Eliminate the crime acts and vandalism committed inside the apartment buildings and their close neighbourhood;
  • Improve social and cultural character of apartment buildings and their neighbourhood, that is significantly affecting the behaviour of children and young people;
  • Improve the dissemination of information relevant to crime prevention among the residents of housing estates through various means of promoting activities;
  • Improve the dissemination of information relevant to fire prevention;
  • Exchange information relevant to crime prevention among owners committees and building managements from different apartment buildings or even different cities during special meeting and workshops;
  • Create a fruitful co-operation between citizens and Police Force, including:
  • The registered access of Police Force into the secured apartment building with a possibility to control the time and date of their entries by owners committees or building managers
  • Signposting the apartment building with a special registered sticker
  • Annual meetings of police representatives with citizens
  • Presence of local police officers at the tenants meetings
  • Assistance to crime investigation
  • Provide professional and legal help to citizens, implementation of new preventive measures into practice and upholding legislative changes through the Expert team;
  • Aim the attention to apartment buildings with drug related problems.


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The project started in 1999 and is still running.
Last review: September 2015.


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