Safe...outside your home

Safe...outside your home


This project uses the Community Police together with local territory control services with a view to developing ad hoc prevention activity with regard to house burglaries. In general, some prevention initiatives have been carried out with regard to house burglaries/ robberies, according to the Questore’s directives and the indications of the Territory Control Service. In particular:

• Night and day controls carried out together with the R.P.C. (Crime Prevention Unit). Considering people increase in the coast towns of this area and with a view to enhancing citizens’ confidence in public institutions resulting in a deterrent effect with regard to illegal activities and to dangerous driving, ad hoc interventions and controls have been carried out to prevent crimes against property (thefts/robberies and house burglaries) and drug trafficking. In addition, checks have been carried out with regard to public places, businesses, nightclubs, resorts in cooperation with the Crime Prevention Unit of Pescara, the Dog Units, the Nautical Patrols, the Highway Police and the Municipal Police.

• Distribution of leaflets: on a regular basis, and especially in summertime, leaflets are being distributed to citizens (in cafés, associations, administrative offices, post offices, hospitals) to provide them with advice about prevention measures against thefts, robberies, frauds.

• Operational information meetings with the representatives of local institutions, the Ancona government representative for security matters, the chiefs of administrative districts, the Municipal Police: during these meetings, which are held on a regular basis, many problems are discussed and relevant actions planned.

Ad hoc text messages to prevent house robberies are sent to deaf people included in the list of the „SMS lifesaving” service (Questura of- Ancona and ENS - National Deaf Association).




The project started in 2013 and is still running.
Last review: January 2015.


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