Safe Surfing

Safe Surfing


Surf lugnt is running a Swedish national initiative to raise school and adult knowledge about children's and young people's everyday lives on the Internet. The aim is to capture the benefits of young people's online life, such as commitment, communication and knowledge exchange, while giving parents and other adults more knowledge of managing pitfalls on the Internet, such as e-bullying and privacy issues.

On the website you will find tips about youth online habits and links to research on young people and the Internet. You can also ask questions and receive responses from our experts on internet security and our teenage panel. There are tips and advice on twelve languages on the website.

Surfa lugnt unites Swedish authorities, companies and non-profit organisations who are working together to improve adults’ knowledge of youngsters’ everyday activities on the internet and who inspire adults to take an active interest in youngsters’ everyday internet activities.


The project started in April 2009 and is still ongoing.


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