Safer Internet - CyberGNRation

Safer Internet - CyberGNRation


The Safer Internet project includes eight lines of action followed over the scope of the GNR Strategy 2020 on cybersecurity:

  • Analysis and investigation of the cybercrime in order to identify the foremost crimes related to the use of the Internet and assess their evolution.
  • Training and Exercise provide the GNR military staff with the proper training that will allow them to respond within this new “space” (cyberspace).
  • Impact assessment through the adoption of several assessment measures, the aim is to ensure that the objectives defined are achieved.
  • Sensitization and awareness actions in the cyberprevention area engaging the overall school community and the society.
  • Warnings through on-going publication of advice on social networks, with the aim to warn citizens and avoid their exposure to negative situations.
  • Protocols to guarantee the cooperation of several institutions to build a joint crime prevention policy.
  • Develop resources to face the current social demands and to meet the challenges created by cyberspace.
  • Partnerships to engage several social actors, with the aim of enlarging their communication channels.


The project started in January 2017 and is still running.
Last review: December 2017.


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