Safety skills education

 ECPA medal silver ECPA 2021 (bullying and violence among minors) - Second place



The Safe Oulu-project in Oulu, Finland has created a path of safety skills education from pre-primary school to the end of primary education. It aims to prevent sexual crimes against minors by enhancing children’s skills to define and protect their boundaries to protect them from bullying, violence, harassment, and grooming. During the project a safety skills education training for the teachers and freely available learning materials for pre-primary and basic education were created. All teachers and pre-primary units received training on the subject and from the school year 2021-2022 onwards they will give safety skills education. Each basic education unit has selected 1-2 teachers who manage the safety skills education. An in-service training plan on preventing sexual violence against minors for other professionals was created and executed. The obligation to give safety skills education has been added to the documents that guide schools.

The start date of the safety skills education section of the Safe Oulu project was 1 October 2019.
This section of the project is still running and will end on 31 July 2022.

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