Security Advisor for senior citizens

Security Senior Advisor is an approved program, launched by the District Senior’s Council Esslingen and Tübingen, as well as the Police Headquarters Reutlingen in Germany to prevent and decrease crimes committed towards senior citizens.

Criminal acts where most of the victims are older people, are typically those containing fraud, thievery or burglary. Victims not only suffer financial damages, but also experience psychological consequences.

The Senior’s Security Advisors are capable of understanding the problems of their age-mates and can sympathize with them. Advisors are able to transfer their knowledge to seniors and offer support. The senior’s fear of contacting the police was actively reduced and at the same time their own sense of security was rebuilt.

Based on the information provided by security advisors, seniors were able to recognize the attempted frauds and call the police, which led to open investigations and reduced crime rate.


The project started in March 2016 and is still running and continually expanded.
Last review: December 2016.


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