Security Partnership for Urban Development in the federal state Lower Saxony (Sicherheitspartner-schaft im Staedtebau in Niedersachsen) and “Quality Certificate of Secure Housing in Lower Saxony (Niedersaechsisches Qualitaetssiegel für sicheres Wohnen)”

The regional security partnership brings together all the main agencies of urban development working in conjunction to make rural communities and urban areas of the federal state Lower Saxony safer. It has the aim to achieve an early and networked action of all the responsible stakeholders of the communal city planning, of the architectures, of the police, of the building industry and even of the building companies.

In this way parameters which reduce the crime rate can be taken into account to generally increase the living standard and the attractiveness of the Lower Saxony communities and cities.

The reduction of crime and of fear of crime are key objectives of the partnership. For that reason special principles, aims and procedures, especially concentrated on the planning and development of urban projects, which should improve the factual safety and reduce the fear of crime, were agreed upon. To list some of these aspects you could name for example the policy of promoting a safeguard of neighbourhood, the organization and cleanness of indoor and outdoor facilities and last but not least the integration and availability of utility services and local public transport.

Local security partnerships have formed on the model of the Security Partnership agreement at state level. For example, the Lower Saxon police participate in several local partnerships on urban development and partner with local building authorities to ensure greater security when new housing areas are planned or existing housing areas are restructured. Cooperation is not always based on a formal agreement.


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The project started in 2005 and is still running.
Last review: September 2014.


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