Security potentials in later life

Security potentials in later life


The project focused on empowering elderly and very old persons to lead a secure life, and on addressing their particular vulnerability to property crime.

Safeguarding seniors’ quality of life: Seeking to encourage seniors’ active participation in social life and to improve their quality of life while taking proper care for their own safety, the project analysed everyday strategies employed by the elderly to increase their own safety and aimed to enhance the capacity for security-oriented self-care by means of a training programme.

Addressing property crime, the project looked at ways to improve the protection from specific types of scams and fraud targeting older adults and developed and implemented a sensitisation and intervention training programme for bank employees.

The researchers concluded that each of the areas studied calls for highly specific measures to effectively protect the elderly and stressed the importance of engaging third persons to act as their ’guardians‘.


The project started in March 2012 and ran untill June 2014.
Last review: December 2016.


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