Security.Together in Austria

06 December 2018


The guiding principle underlying the project "Security.Together in Austria" is the active involvement of civil society in the design of internal security. This idea of intensifying citizen participation is followed by the concept of community policing, where actors are brought together to form a so-called "community partnership", in the framework of which community-based prevention work and effective crime prevention are carried out. "The increased involvement of citizens in the prevention of crime and the institutionalization of this security partnership between the population and the police should, on the one hand, contribute to an increase in public safety in the immediate living environment and, in the longer hand, significantly increase the subjective sense of security of the population. In order to realize this, new organizational structures will be set up inside and outside the police and new work processes will be integrated into daily police activities.


ECPA entry 2018 AT - Security.Together in Austria (presentation)
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