Senior Academy

Senior Academy 1

Senior Academy is the most successful crime prevention project in the Czech Republic which focuses on the senior citizens. The aim of the project is to ensure the safety of elderly persons and prepare them to be able to provide advice and information to others who share their immediate surroundings.

The study programs are conceived as methodology for safe conduct in society. The course lectors are police officers, teachers, social workers, psychologists, and other experts on particular topics.

Furthermore, the project educates senior citizens how to maintain a good quality life in today’s society by being aware of all different types of risk factors (security, safety, order, health, financial, social etc.) It is designed not only to teach senior citizens to be aware of all those rick factors, it also helps them to be able to prevent or to minimise those risks or to cope with their consequences. The project also helps senior citizens to become socially active. It motivates them to participate in public events, to be actively involved in various NGOs or other public institutions which can be found in their local environment.

Senior Academy

Last but not least, the project enables senior citizens to meet new people of their age group, form new relationships with their peers and therefore to improve quality of their life.




The Project started in September 2006 and is still running.
Last review: January 2020


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