Šiauliai District Discovers a Security Formula

 ECPA medal silver ECPA 2018 runner-up


Šiauliai District Discovers a Security Formula


Awarded Best Crime Prevention Project at the National Prevention Projects and Community Initiatives Awards 2018 (MoI, Republic of Lithuania).

Each community all over the world would prefer to live in a safe environment. The main idea of the project is to emphasize that efforts in crime prevention must be done from all participants – government, local authorities, police, non-governmental organizations, media, and communities as well.

The main objective was to improve the security situation in Šiauliai district, to reduce the number of committed criminal offenses and other violations of law, to create a safer living environment involving residents in this process.

Except the traditional prevention principle “forewarned is forearmed”, we were seeking to do something innovative, truly inspiring, helping to change attitudes and mindsets, what would grab the attention of the community and engage all parties in the common goal – crime prevention.


The start date of the project was 01/01/2017 and the end date was 31/12/2017.
After the final evaluation the project was declared a huge success, the implementation of the activities has therefore continued in 2018.
Last review: January 2020.


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