Slovakian policy on trafficking in human beings

The basic merits of the criminal offence of human trafficking under Article 179 (1) of the Criminal Code read as follows: „(1) Whoever with the application of fraudulent conduct, deception, the restriction of personal freedom, kidnapping, violence, threats of violence, threats of other grievous harm or other forms of coercion, by accepting or providing monetary fulfilment or other benefits in order to gain a person’s consent on whom another person is dependent, or the abuse of their position or vulnerability or otherwise vulnerable position, entices, transports, harbours, transmits or accepts another person, even with their consent, for the purpose of prostitution or other forms of sexual exploitation, including pornography, forced labour and services including beggary, slavery or practices similar to slavery, servitude, forced marriage, misuse for committing criminal activities, removal of organs, tissues or cells or other forms of exploitation shall be punished by a prison sentence of four to ten years.”

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