Slovakian Policy on Youth crime

In 2004, the Presidium of the Police Corps, Ministry of Interior SR, issued a working aid “Methodology of collaboration in searching for, detecting, clarifying and documenting crimes committed on children and young persons and crimes committed by young persons”.

The aim of this publication was to gather all relevant information from this area in a manner preventing everyone working in the area of criminality from studying extensive regulations. Due to changes in legislative area as well as in organizational structures of several state institutions, the aid will be reviewed.

The duty of Office of Judicial and Criminal Police of Police Headquarters is to provide information in the area of criminality of young persons and in other areas as well to policemen who are assigned to district and regional Police units as specified in part 3. For this purpose, working meetings attended by experts from other institutions – Ministry of Labour Social Affairs and Family, Headquarters of Labour, Social Affairs and Family, Railway Police and non-governmental organizations - take place at least once a year. In the future, we in collaboration with other EU countries plan to prepare an educational project for policemen that will be focused on methods of examination of persons of 18 years and younger as well as on technical equipment of specialized examination rooms.       

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