SME Cybersecure, Cybersecurity Business edition

SME Cybersecure, Cybersecurity Business edition


Subsidised by the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice, MKB-Nederland (together with other partners) developed a project to make entrepreneurs more aware of the impact of cybercrime on their businesses. A lot of Small Medium Sized companies (SME’s) do not realise that their websites and databases are potential targets. To make SME’s more aware of their own cybersecurity, the project organises an awareness campaign based on a roadshow through the country. During this roadshow SME’s are given the possibility to improve their cybersecurity by offering 300 free ‘social’ hacks, giving them a clear insight into their vulnerabilities and measurements they can take to improve their cybersecurity. The partnership with KPN (Telco) offers SME’s a professional service with a discount, which means SME’s can immediately take action to improve their cybersecurity. Moreover, the partnership with the Association of Insurers offers SME’s a clear insight into insurances for cybercrime.


The Project started in August 2015 and ran till December 2015
Last review: December 2015.


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