Sofielund Approach

ECPA medal gold  ECPA 2019 winner




Extensive work in Sofielund has reversed a negative trend in the area, which has experienced major problems involving both serious criminality, above all open drug trafficking, and minor criminality, such as graffiti and vandalism, which has created a significant sense of unsafety. The difficult problems have been solved by strengthening the collective ability of those who live and work in the area. A broad spectrum of efforts have been carried out by civil society, businesses, and public entities, such as the municipality and police, for example in the form of security cameras and efforts to increase social cohesion. Researchers have followed and evaluated the work. A strong and vigorous local network, where all parties who contributed in different ways, has formed the basis for success. The efforts have led to increased stability in the area and signs of a decline in new recruitment to criminality and drug use, among other things in respect of young people in the risk zone.


The project started in September 2014 and the operations are active and underway.

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