Soziale Stadt

The German programme ‘Soziale Stadt’ was set up in 1999 to combat increasing social and spatial disparity in cities. The programme pursues its goals of participation and cooperation by means of a wide range of projects and measures. Soziale Stadt takes an integrated approach, implementing measures and projects in deprived neighbourhoods.

The steps in setting up a project are as follows:
    • Background and other information is gathered
    • Integrated action plans are formulated
    • Neighbourhood management has been established
    • Activities and participation projects are offered
    • In many cities structures, processes and projects have been evaluated
    • In many cities monitoring systems have been established.

The project themes include employment, neighbourhood involvement, social activities and infrastructure, schools and education, promotion of good health, transport and environment, culture, sport and recreation, integration, housing and the housing market, image improvement and PR.




The project started in 1999 and is still running.
Last review: September 2014.


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