Spain: Police documentation in easy-reading format for vulnerable people

The Family and Women Attention Units (UFAM) are Spanish National Police Units specialised in the fight against gender, domestic and sexual violence, with particular concern for the most vulnerable victims. The Easy Read Institute is a social organisation that defends the rights of all people to understand the information that surrounds us. With this project, victims with intellectual disabilities, low literacy levels or at risk of social exclusion will receive reports on their rights and other police documentation in an easy to-read format, which facilitates the communication between the police and the victim when they are informed about their rights. This way, the person can understand autonomously, and regardless of their cognitive ability, what their rights are as a victim of crime in a situation that is of maximum vulnerability. All of this helps these particularly vulnerable victims to lose their fear of facing justice when they are victims of crime.

The project started in 2018 and is still running.

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