Spanish Policy on Youth crime

The Master Plan for Coexistence and Improvement of the School Safety is a consequence of the conclusions of the Youth and Security Working Group established by agreement of the Citizen Security National Council. It fulfills the agreement signed between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of the Interior on 18 December 2006.


  • To answer in a coordinated and effective way to issues related to the safety of children and youngsters in school and its environment.
  • To strengthen cooperation with the education system authorities, educational community, parents associations and other organizations.  
  • To improve knowledge of minors and youngsters on police resources for crime prevention and victim protection, and security issues affecting areas such as bullying, youth gangs, access to drugs and alcohol, vandalism and xenophobia or racism.
  • To help students raise awareness of the need to eradicate the violent behavior of the school, seeking the development of pro-active conducts in the rejection and denunciation of these behaviors.

To improve police surveillance in the vicinity of schools, when necessary, under the instructions issued by the Secretariat of State.
To Cooperate with the Ministry of Education in the Plan for the Improvement of school coexistence through participation in State Observatory for the school coexistence and conflicts prevention

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