Spanish study: "School Bullying as a determinant of drug use: A longitudinal study of risk and protective factors"

Bullying and cyberbullying are present all over the world and have serious consequences for individuals and societies. The number of research studies on the topic has increased exponentially throughout the history, but many questions related to the phenomena remain unanswered. Recent studies have found that drug use is articulated within patterns of antisocial behaviour. As part of these patterns, it has been found that bullying and cyberbullying, which are present in approximately one third of the student body, are related to substance use, posing a possible risk factor for addictions. However, almost all previous studies have been transversal, making it impossible to establish causal relationships.

Furthermore, there are hardly any known protective factors, including social, emotional and moral competences, that could interrupt the continuity between bullying, cyberbullying and subsequent drug consumption. Therefore, in this project a longitudinal study will be carried out in which approximately 1000 adolescents will be followed for three years.

Duration: 2019 - 2022

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