“Spring Break” Operation

The GNR, through the Special Community Policing Programs, carried out markedly social activities in the field of human rights in order to protect vulnerable citizens, specifically young people.

To achieve this goal, since 2014, GNR has been developing the “Spring Break” Operation, which aims to raise awareness among young people who will make their finalist trips. They are young from 13 to 14 to 17/18 years, many of them for the first time are away from their families, and may be exposed to risky behaviour, imminently associated with excessive consumption of alcohol and narcotic substances.

In the 2019 edition, the 360 community policing police officers aware 9.473 youths in this operation, about the risks inherent in drug and alcohol use. Another action is joint actions in coordination with Guardia Civil, inspecting the main land border access routes, with special focus on the control of buses specially hired to transport young people to southern Spain border and inspection actions to check the possible transportation of narcotic substances in the luggage, using to drug detection dogs. Internally are also carried out actions of supervision of commercial establishments in the field of the consumption of alcohol and products and the supervision and permissibility of the sale of products and sale of alcohol to adolescents and young adults.


The operation began in 2014 and runs every year.

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