'Step by step - together for safety' - educational programme by the Csongrad County Police Headquarters. Possibilities for using the means of art, sport and humour in crime prevention

‘Step by step - together for safety’ is a complex crime prevention project with three modules, which are based on the opportunities of institutionalized education, the useful spending of free time and community building.

The main pillar of the project was a traveling exhibition with a 90 minutes’ crime prevention presentation at each spots of the exhibition; prevention brochures aiming to deepen the knowledge acquired from the exhibition and the presentations; a collection of short crime prevention films of 63 pieces; and outdoor pedagogy trainings.

The exhibition and the short films had to be made attractive and perceptible by themselves. To this end, the project was built up around visualization and using the means of humour. Caricaturistic material produced and disseminated in the project was an opportunity to make something understandable regardless of age, gender, and clarify particular meanings without words.

One of the goals of the project’s strategy was to prepare visual and textual elements that could be understandable independently, too. The collection of crime prevention short films is suitable for television screening and the 23 spots can be used, besides the use in the media, for addressing travelers of public transport.


The project started in 2009 and is still running.
Last review: January 2020.


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