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In the last few years Berlin had a small number of young prolific offenders (under the age of criminal responsibility - 14 years of age) who could not be reached by police and youth social services. Without support these youngsters are in danger of being marginalised and criminalised. It was believed that there were between 20 and 40 children under the age of criminal responsibility who were each suspected of having committed more than 10 offences during the last 12 months.

Fallschirm is a non-residential project, which works continuously with young offenders under the age of criminal responsibility, to offer support and alternatives to delinquent behaviour. Regular family contact is established and Fallschirm tries to help the youngsters and their families learn to deal with crisis and setting rules. The project involves regular contact with the child in coordination with social services, school and parents, teaching responsibility for their actions and assisting reintegration into the school system and into legal leisure time activities such as youth/sport clubs.


Stiftung SPI; Fallschirm


The project started in 1998 and is still running.
Last review: September 2014.


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