Strategic market position of the European Crime Prevention Network

This research on the strategic market position of the EUCPN, called ‘StraMaPo’, was commissioned by the EUCPN Secretariat as part of the project ‘The further implementation of the Multiannual Strategy (MAS) of the EUCPN and the Informal Network on the Administrative Approach’ and is submitted by the Institute for International Research on Criminal Policy (IRCP). This research was conducted from May 2019 to March 2020 under the supervision of prof. dr. Gert Vermeulen (coordinator), prof. dr. Wim Hardyns and prof. dr. Lieven Pauwels (promoters).

The StraMaPo study sets a twofold objective, namely:

1. The identification of relevant European and international institutions and/or organizations within the European field of crime prevention;
2. A needs assessment of both National Representatives and Substitutes as well as the Network's target groups.
In order to answer these research objectives, an inventory containing institutions and/or organizations with a role in crime prevention was compiled in the first place. Furthermore, an online questionnaire for target audiences was developed and disseminated among Member States. Additionally, expert interviews with National Representatives and Substitutes were conducted.

The structure outline of this report is as follows: chapter 2 provides an overview of the concept definitions used throughout this study. Chapter 3 presents the methodological framework (i.e. a systematic and scientifically substantiated classification system) for compiling the inventory containing relevant European and international institutions and/or organizations. Chapter 4 concerns the first part of the needs assessment and describes the results of the online questionnaire. Chapter 5 covers the second part of the needs assessment and addresses the qualitative results. Chapter 6 contains a SWOT-analysis and thus discusses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the EUCPN, based on the reported results which provide the basis for the determination of the strategic market position. Finally, chapter 7 outlines recommendations for further research and EUCPN's current and future strategic market position.