Svenska Bostäder’s public safety project in Järva

The project has had the objective of increasing the residents’ levels of perceived safety and reducing exposure to crime in the residential environment.

The Järva area is a suburb of Stockholm with large apartment blocks housing many different ethnic groups and is characterised by high unemployment and high levels of reported insecurity.

A detailed survey was initiated in 2006, with over 3,000 questionnaires being sent to residents, who were asked to describe their exposure to crime, reporting propensities, their sense of safety, service provision and satisfaction.

Detailed local maps were included on which the residents were asked to mark locations that they perceived as unsafe, and these were then compared with police statistics and demographic descriptions of the area.

The surveys provided the basis for extensive public safety work that has reduced crime and increased the level of perceived safety among residents living in Järva. A broad package of measures was introduced, ranging from the installation of locks, alarms and improved lighting, to the prevention of domestic violence against women.


Bo Strömvall, Head of Security


The project started in 2006 and is now part of a permanent activity.
Last review: October 2017.


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